This tutorial came about due to a mistake turned great idea. The 2 tones really gives the basic tips a twist! And it’s super easy!

Things you’ll need: 2 tones of nail polish, reinforcement stickers and a top coat

1. Place the reinforcement stickers on the nails about half way down the nail from the top. Paint 1 coat of the bottom nail polish colour and take the stickers off. Let it dry completely.

2. Place the reinforcement stickers on the nails again this time at the half way point of the colour already on your nails so that each colour is about equal. Paint 1 or 2 coats of the top nail polish colour and take the stickers off. Let it dry completely.

Put on a top coat to finish it up and Voila! Double Dipped Tips!

Easy & Fabulous!

The Nail Polish I used: “Leotard Optional” & “Already Famous“.


DIY#4-Back To Basics

I’ve recently had a few requests for a basic french manicure style tutorial. I thought it would be a good idea to do a detailed one because all other nail tutorials I do will use basic steps like the ones in this DIY. I used to go to the salon to get gel white tips like these all the time. I loved it but it became too costly to maintain and also finding a good technician is difficult. So I started experimenting at home and doing them on my own. These ones usually turn out so well that I feel like I’ve been to the salon after all! The best thing about this is that I can change them as often as I want to and don’t have to worry about waiting 2-3 weeks to go back to the salon for a fill. I use these basic steps for ANY color tips that I want! I added a tiny line of sparkle because it gives a nice and simple finishing touch! Experiment and have fun! After all, that’s the beauty of doing them yourself!

1. Things you’ll need: White nail polish, reinforcement stickers (the kind you use for the holes in loose leaf paper), a paint brush (an angled one if you can), 100% Acetone (to clean up the french tip line and along the sides of the finger, I found some at London Drugs) and a paper towel to wipe off the paintbrush.  You’ll also need a top coat.  * In this tutorial I added a little line of sparkly silver to finish it up. I used  Kiss Nail Art Paint I found at London Drugs. It’s a small skinny bottle with a very fine tip paint brush inside used for making all kinds of designs on the nail.

2. Using the reinforcement stickers, place one on each finger just under the white line of the nail. I usually go a bit lower than that as well because I like the look of thicker tips. You can place the sticker as you like depending on how thick you want the tips to be and how long your natural nails are. These stickers are a perfect guide for doing tips because they curve slightly with your nail so it looks more natural as opposed to a straight across line that a piece of tape would do. *You’ll probably need to use 2 stickers on the thumb which are placed one at a time on each side of the thumb nail and overlap in the middle.

3. Paint the tips with one coat of white nail polish, like in picture #3. Let them dry and do a second coat.

4. Then take off the stickers. You don’t have to wait until the polish is dry and don’t worry if it looks messy along the sides and where the sticker was because we will clean that up next.

5. Take the 100% Acetone, pour a cap full and place the cap on the paper towel. Get your paint brush and dip it in the Acetone. Dab it on the paper towel slightly to get rid of the excess. Run the paint brush just under the line of polish, where the sticker was to clean up the edges of the line. Clean off any white nail polish that may have gotten on the edges of your finger as well. The Acetone dries out quickly so you can use as much as you need to. Make sure you wipe off the excess on the paper towel before and after cleaning up each nail.

6. Now, if you just want plain white tips, then stop here and put a top coat on the entire nail, let it dry fully and you’re done! IF you want to add a touch of sparkle to the tips then get the silver nail art paint! You can add a thick or thin line as you’d like to the bottom line of the white polish. Make sure to brush off the excess because it will be easier to control the line as you paint it on. The nice thing about the sparkle is that it doesn’t have to be a perfect line. You can paint the line half on the white so that it overlaps. Let it dry fully and put a top coat over top of the entire nail. You’re done!


DIY#3-Pride Nails

Pride week in Vancouver is almost here! To celebrate and show my pride I thought it would be fun to do some flashy nails for some of the pride events I’ll be at!  I just did one nail in the photos but you could go all  out and do all of your nails!

1. Things you’ll need: Rainbow colors nail polish (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) I found some at the dollar store, Black nail polish (I used ‘Never Enough Shoes‘), Glitter Top Coat (I used ‘Flurry Up‘), Cuticle cutters, French manicure nail guides (I used KISS French Manicure Tip Guides).

2. Paint your nails black and let them dry fully.

3. The nail guides come on a sheet that you can separate in half. Separate one sheet, take one half and cut this in half, length wise. You’ll have shorter pieces to work with. Then cut this sheet into sections of 5 guides each, one guide for each finger. Paint each section of guides a different color of the rainbow and let them dry. You should have 6 sections of guides painted a different color.

4. Take the red painted section first and pull off 1 guide. Lay it on your finger near the tip of your nail. I did mine slightly diagonal. Then do the same with an orange guide and lay it right up against the red one. With these guides you can pull them off and replace the same guide without wrecking your nail polish underneath. Then do the same with a yellow guide.

5. Place a green, then blue, then purple guide on your nail and it should look like picture #5 so far.

6. Take your cuticle cutters and snip off any excess of the guides hanging past the nail on each side and across the nail tip if you need to.

7. Press down the edges so they are sticking to your nail. Repeat steps 4-7 on each nail you want done.

8. Take your glitter top coat and brush it over the entire nail surface. Let it dry fully and you’re done!

I would love to see your pride nail ideas so visit me on twitter and tweet me a picture of your pride nail creations!

Happy Pride Everyone!!!