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Change is Great!

February 12, 2016

change is great!

As you can probably tell there have been a few changes to the site in the last week! In a major effort to simplify things in my life, I decided that what would be best is to find a way to bring all the things that I do together to one space. A personal portfolio seemed like the best way to go. Decisions decisions!

What that means is that the Handmade Jade Shop and Boutique Bakery have moved and that Handmade Jade is back to being the diy tutorial site that it was always meant to be! Yay! I will still post diy tutorials here for the time being and eventually move everything over to my portfolio site blog. But for now, all the diy tutorials will stay in the same place… here at Handmade Jade!

If you would like to visit my new portfolio site and tiny shop just click { here } or head on over to¬†and have a look around! My portfolio site is what will be expanding in the future and I’m super thrilled to share all the changes coming! I have so many exciting ideas that I know you’ll love!

Thanks for all of your support and I hope you love find that this change is great as much as I do!


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