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Things I Love: Linen Apron

November 29, 2014

New Linen Apron -- Handmade Jade

I was out one day just browsing around and I saw this really great Linen Apron… so nice and soft! I looked at the price tag and said to myself “Step AWAY from the apron” even though I didn’t want to! I had walked out of the store without buying, all proud of myself for having the restraint to impulse buy a beautiful apron! lol

Fast forward to almost a year later while I was roaming around Home Sense and what do I see? A lovely little linen apron just for me! More than half the price and just as awesome! I was thrilled and so excited! I’ve never had my very own apron before and since I’ve been baking up a storm lately I knew it would be a perfect addition to my lovely little kitchen! Yay!

What happened next was totally unintentional… I just went with it!

The apron made me do it!

I was only going to make a simple and really delicious beef stew in the slow cooker. Honestly! But when I put on the apron and set the slow cooker to finish the lovely stew, I just HAD to bake something to go with it!

And 4 hours later when I had cleaned up and taken off my apron there was a nice warm apple crisp & almond vanilla bean shortbread!

It just happened. I’ve been so busy lately with a new endeavor that involves baking and what do I do on my day off?

But I love it and I love my new little apron! It inspired a day filled with cooking and baking amazing and delicious food to share with my loved ones!

I tried to find a link for the apron to share but I couldn’t find one. The Brand name is Deane & White. I love it so much!

The shortbread recipe I made is a Martha Stewart one { that I tweaked a little } that you can find — here — I just used almond flour instead of grinding walnuts and I used vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla extract. Turned out really well and would’ve been just as lovely with the walnuts!



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