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Happy Thanksgiving ’13

October 14, 2013

tiny pumpkin pie '13

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re in Canada you’re probably enjoying some delicious food and spending quality time with people that you love! I love Thanksgiving! I have a lot to be grateful for! My family is the best EVER, I have work that I love, I have a partner whom I adore, 2 beautiful & amazing fur babies, I live in a beautiful city, I have an amazing view of my favourite park, and I could go on and on and on… What are you feeling grateful for today?
Anyway, my parents are over at our place helping us remodel our kitchen! So before our kitchen was out of service for the weekend, I decided to bake a few little pumpkin coconut pies with the recipe that Stephanie and I did the other week, which you can find * here *

tiny pumpkin pie '13

I changed the crust a tiny bit because I added a bit more sugar and 1/8 cup more butter. I also added a bit more brown sugar to the pie filling, but everything else I kept the same. Because they are smaller, I cooked them for 10 mins first on the higher temperature and then for 30 mins at the lower temperature. They turned out sooooo yummy!

tiny pumpkin pie '13

Aren’t they so cute! I had a bit extra dough so I cut out tiny leaves & baked them in the last 15 mins of cooking.

tiny pumpkin pie '13

And they are small enough that you can eat them with your hands! Love it!
I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend or that you’re just having a great weekend!

Jade, xo

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