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i heart list #5: a few things i love about fall

Happy October!
I don’t know about you guys but Fall is hands down my favourite season! It’s been my favourite season since I was little. Seems like everything good and fun happens in the fall! The start of a new school year, the weather cools down, the leaves start to change color, there seems to be more get togethers of friends and family to hang out and share delicious meals, fashion changes and with it comes layering and boots and sweaters and jackets and bags and hats, mittens & scarves. Then there’s Thanksgiving { in Canada }, Halloween and then… it’s not long until Christmas!!!!! { My next favourite time of year! }
I’ve always been blessed to live in a city that has a ‘for real’ fall, where the leaves change color and the temperature cools down so you can wear all the amazing fall clothing and accessories! I couldn’t imagine living somewhere where I wouldn’t get to see it all happen bit by bit everyday.
At this time of year I feel like cooking more, making delicious soups and stews & baking anything sweet and gooey. My favourite thing to do on a fall day off work is to go to starbucks and get a pumpkin spice latte then head over to Michaels to get some creative inspiration & on my walk home I love to wonder around my neighbourhood downtown, stop in some of the shops and walk amongst all the trees as I head to the ocean & forest to recharge spiritually & I love to go for walks on a fall day with my hunny & our 2 little dogs { they love to get to rock their awesome hoodies in the fall ♥ } then go home and cook up some kind of amazing soup and cozy up together to watch either a cheesy rom/com or a scary movie.
Ahhhhh fall, i do ♥ you!

Do you love fall?
What is it about fall that you love? I would love to know what makes fall special for you and how you celebrate this season!

Jade, xo

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