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DIY Layering Wrap Bracelet

September 21, 2013

diy layering wrap bracelet

I love bracelets that I can layer! So, here’s another layering bracelet that’s really nice with the last bracelet tutorial I did { here } & this simple bracelet tutorial { here } The great thing about these is that you can make them any length you want to with as many different colors as you’d like. AND they are really easy & fast to make to make! They would make great gifts for friends too!

diy layering wrap bracelet What you’ll need: small beads in 3 colors { seed beads or 2-4 mm beads }, embroidery floss/thread in 3 colors, collapsable beading needle, 2 jump rings, 1 lobster clasp, scissors & flat nose pliers  * optional charm and jump ring diy layering wrap bracelet 1. cut about 2.5 feet of each color embroidery floss/thread, string your beads onto each strand. your 1st and 3rd strand of beads should be long enough to wrap around your wrist 1.5 times { you’ll have to measure your wrist } & the 2nd strand of beads should be long enough to wrap around your wrist 1.25 times. diy layering wrap bracelet 2. push the beads along each strand so they are in the middle & tie a knot on each end of your strands diy layering wrap bracelet 3. with your 1st and 2nd strands, tie a knot & another knot
4. now tie a double knot with both strings
5. cut the strings
6. repeat with your 2nd and 3rd strands you’ll now have one long strand of beads! diy layering wrap bracelet 7. attach a jump ring to your lobster clasp with your flat nose pliers
8. with the string from one end, tie a few knots onto the jump ring & lobster clasp to secure it in place
9. now we’ll use the last jump ring for the other side
10. tie a few knots with the string to attach the jump ring
11. optional * you can add a charm to the clasp end of your bracelet at this point if you’d like you’re done! – this bracelet was made with black and silver faceted roundel beads from Michaels and 4 mm smokey quartz beads { to learn about the healing properties & attributes of smokey quartz go here } – for basic tools, supplies & stringing material instructions please see the tutorial I’ve done in my Back to Basics series { here } diy layering wrap bracelet diy layering wrap bracelet diy layering wrap bracelet diy layering wrap bracelet

diy layering wrap braceletphotos & tutorial by Jade Melnychuk

Jade, xo


  • Nash Khan says:

    So so so so so so so so so SOOOOOOOOOO PRETTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deepa says:

    Very beautiful!! And a very well explained tutorial.. Thank you so much..

  • penney says:

    love this bracelet – I’m having trouble tying the strands together – and having it stay tied or not stretch out – can you provide directions as to theh type of double knot you are doing? or show a diagram?? thank you!

    • Jade says:

      Glad you like the bracelet Penney! When tying the 2 strands together { as in steps 3 & 4 } I just tied the kind of knot you would make if you were tying your shoe laces { folding the 2 strands over one another and tighten, then do it again } the next knot I took the 2 stands together in one hand and hold the rest of the bracelet in the other hand, make a loop at the point of the knot above and feed the ends of the strands through. This makes a double knot with both strands and should not come undone. check out steps 3 & 4.
      Hope this helps! You can really do whatever kind of knots you feel comfortable doing!

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