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DIY Wrap & Knot Bracelet

August 10, 2013

diy wrap knot bracelet

Another Chan Luu inspired Wrap Bracelet!

I love the knots that are incorporated into this one. Once I figured out how to do the knots it was pretty simple. If you’re here for the first time and are unsure of how to do a wrap bracelet then I highly recommend checking out my diy wrap bracelet tutorial for more detailed instructions on how to do the bead sewing/weaving. This tutorial combines that method with a fairly simple knot on alternating rows of the bracelet. Let’s get started!

DIY wrap knot bracelet supplies

Here’s what you’ll need:
6 feet of cotton cord or leather cord, embroidery floss, 1 button, 5 different types of beads { or any combination of beads for making 5 “rows”, I used approximately 25-30 beads that were 4mm-6mm each}, a flexible beading needle { I got mine from Michaels }, bobby pin and tape
Set Up:
Fold your cotton cord in half, put the button on and place it at the folded half way point. Place the bobby pin through the hole of the button and move the button to the middle. Place it on the edge of a table or counter top and put a piece of tape vertically on each side of the bobby pin on the table. Then place another piece of tape horizontally along the bottom edge of bobby pin so it goes over top of the other 2 pieces of tape. This will hold everything securely while you work. You can move the tape and bobby pin up as your bracelet gets longer.

DIY wrap knot bracelet 11. We’re going to make a sliding knot so hold both sides of the cotton cord about an inch away from the button, fold one side up at that point so it forms a U-shape.
2. Take the outside part of the U-shape cord and pass it over and under itself and the other cord.
3. Wrap the cord around again.    4. and again, about 4-5 times.
5. Then take the cord you were wrapping with and put it through the loop you made at the beginning, from back to front.
6. Pull the cord through the loop all the way, tighten the knot and you can move the sliding knot up to the button to secure it.

DIY wrap knot bracelet 2

7. Use 5-6 feet of embroidery floss, tie a larks head knot at the top on the left cord, then a regular knot { use any kind of secure knot }
8. Attach the bead needle to the other end of the embroidery floss, string a bead on, move string & bead behind cord, pull through.
9. Put bead needle through bead right to left across the front. 10. Pull through. 11. Keep going until you can wrap it around your wrist once.    * for more detailed instructions on this sewing/weaving process see my diy wrap bracelet tutorial *

DIY wrap knot bracelet 3Making the alternating knotted row:
12. Bring the thread between the two cords. We are going to make a knot in front of the thread and behind the thread.
13. Bring the left side cord over top of the right side cord. 14. Fold the left cord under and through.
15. Tighten the knot. 16. Flip your work over making sure the thread is between the two cords, we’ll make a knot over top again.
17. This time bring the right side cord over top of the left side cord. 18. Fold the right cord under and through.
19. Tighten the knot, the thread should be in the middle of both knots. 20. Flip your work to the front and string a bead on.
21. repeat steps 13, 14, 15 for a front side knot.  22.  repeat steps 16, 17, 18, 19 for a back side knot.
23. Repeat these steps until you have a row that will wrap around your wrist.

DIY wrap knot bracelet 424. Make another row using the sewing/weaving long enough to wrap around your wrist. Then make another row using the knotting.
25. Finish on a row that used the sewing/weaving and place the thread between the cords.
26. Make another sliding knot using the method from the start of the bracelet. Tie a knot in the embroidery thread before tightening the sliding knot and cut the end off.
Finally, to finish off the bracelet, about an inch from the sliding knot make an overhand knot with both ends of the cord, tighten. You can also make another 1 or 2 overhand knots { an inch apart } for different length closure options.                  ~ You’re done!

DIY wrap knot bracelet lastFor this bracelet I used:  30 – 6mm amazonite beads ~ 30 – 4mm pyrite beads ~ 25 – 6mm agate beads ~ 30 – 4mm white coral beads ~ 25 – 6mm smokey quartz beads

Jade, xo


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