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DIY Wood Backdrop

July 30, 2013

DIY Wood Backdrop

I absolutely love these! I see them used a lot with food photography but I wanted to incorporate the look and feel of the soft wood into my jewelry and product photography. They are really easy, fairly inexpensive and you can make them in as many different colors as you want! As an added bonus they are reversible! I pretty much followed the directions from this tutorial * here *  though there are tons out there. Thank you Love and Olive Oil!

DIY Wood Backdrop supplies

Supplies: 6 wood panels { I found some at Michaels, they have different sizes, take your pick! }, sanding sponge or paper, paint brush or foam brush, paint of your choice { I used basic acrylic paint bc that’s what I had at home }, and wood glue.

DIY Wood Backdrop 1

Lay 3 wood panels down close together horizontally, drizzle on the wood glue, lay the other 3 wood panels on top of the glue vertically. Now it has to dry over night! Make sure to put something heavy on top of it as it dries.

DIY Wood Backdrop 2

Next, apply your paint in uneven stokes and you can wipe off excess paint with a paper towel. What I did was coated both sides with this watered down brown paint I had and then I painted one side with a few more coats of the brown. I wanted one side to be white so I applied white paint unevenly on the other side and I wiped off the excess and kept reapplying until it looked the way I wanted it to. Finally, after the paint was dry, I sanded down both sides to make it look a bit distressed.

DIY Wood Backdrop 3

That’s it! It’s very simple! I used whatever size wood panels I saw at Michaels that looked good and you can use any type of paint you’d like. I had lots of craft acrylic paint at home so I just used that. You can also go to Home Depot and get sample size containers of any color you want and you can also use a stain instead of brown watered down paint. It’s up to you. These backdrops or backgrounds look really nice for all kinds of product photography and I’m really happy with how they turned out! Now when I use them in combination with the Light Box I made I’m able to create beautiful photos excellent photos! If you want to see the tutorial for my DIY Light Box go *here*

Jade, xo


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