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DIY Light Box

July 4, 2013

diy light box

After a few failed attempts at creating a few of the pinterest pins I had seen for diy photo light boxes, I decided to make one myself that fit my needs, that was easy to do, easy to store and very versatile. This is what I came up with. It’s really easy to make and super inexpensive as well. My apartment is small and I don’t know about you but I don’t have a place to store an empty cardboard box only used for photography! But, I DO have space to stack these small, light weight rectangles! This light box is perfect for small product/object photos and possibly even food photography but the possibilities are endless!

Let’s get started! Here’s what you’ll need…

diy lightbox supplies

1 white foam board – dollar store,  1 white pillowcase – I used an old one that I had at home,  push pins  {any kind will do} – dollar store,  glue gun with at least 2 sticks of glue,  exacto knife,  ruler & pencil,  tin foil {not in photo} * optional – 1 wood dowel

diy lightbox 1

Measure and cut 2 pieces of foam board that are 3 inches wide and about 8-10 inches long.

Measure and cut 2 pieces of foam board that are 3 inches wide and about 14-16 inches long. I measured how tall my lamp was and made it a bit longer.

diy light box 2

Take 1 of the short foam board pieces and both the long ones and warm up your glue gun. Then, apply glue to the sides of the short piece and place one of the long pieces to each end.

diy light box 3

Take the other short piece of foam board, apply hot glue to both ends and place it on the inside edge of the longer pieces you just worked with. Press it together. You’ll now have a rectangle of foam board!

diy light box 4

Cut the pillowcase into two pieces. Place your foam board rectangle on top and cut around the rectangle leaving enough length at each of the ends to fold over and pin down on the inside of the rectangle.

diy light box 5

Fold the excess material over the inside edge and pin it down with a push pin. Make sure the material is stretched out on the opposite side so there are no creases.

diy light box 6

Cut out tin foil to place on each of the insides. Hot glue gun them in place. The tin foil will amplify the light.

Repeat all of these steps to create another one. If you would like to use different back drops for your photos the wood dowel makes a great rod for hanging fabric! Place your lighting on each side. When I’m taking photos during the day I use a large window as an additional light source at the back which shines through the fabric.

diy lightbox 7

You can use different fabric backgrounds, no background, white foam board as a background and as a base… Stay tuned bc I’ve done a diy for the background/base I’ve been using along with this light box set up to create some really beautiful photos!

Jade, xo


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