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DIY Charm Bracelet

January 25, 2013


These DIY Charm Bracelets are super quick and super fabulous! I saw these all over Australia while I was traveling. I think I missed the trend while it was in North America but they are really great bracelets anyway! For this tutorial I used some Tourmaline stones that I had left over from the prayer beads necklace tutorial I did not too long ago (here). I also made a few more with other stones I had as well. You can wear them on their own or stack them with other bracelets you already have. So, let’s get ready to make them!


What you’ll need: beads of your choice, stretchy beading cord (1 mm thick), G-S Hypo Cement (beading glue), at least 1 charm (more if you want), 1 jump ring, & jewelry pliers.

1. String your beads, with enough beads to cover your wrist once around, onto the stretchy cord. Cut the beading cord leaving about 2 inches of cord on either side of the beads. Tie a knot and pull tight. Tie an extra knot for extra hold and pull tight. You can secure it with fancy knots like a surgeon’s knot (just do a google search) but I’ll leave that part up to you.

2. Cut off the excess beading cord strands close to the knot. Apply a small amount of the G-S Hypo Cement and let it dry.

3. With your pliers, open up the jump ring and place your charm on. With the jump ring still open, place it around the knot you made on the bracelet. Close the jump ring with your pliers. You’re done! Super simple and it leaves so much room for your imagination! Play around with the style, size and colour of beads and charms! And most importantly, have fun!


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