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November 10, 2012

DIY Prayer Beads Necklace

This is a very special tutorial that I’d like to share with you. Why? Well, I had this concept about 9 years ago. The idea came about when I was making a Rosary for my Baba (Grandmother) for her birthday. The one I made for her turned out so well and I loved doing the knotting! It felt so nice and comforting in my hands. I don’t think of myself as Religious but I do consider myself to be spiritual. I wanted to create something that would be like an equivalent to a Rosary but have some meaning for me. It’s a lariat style necklace using semiprecious stones that is knotted with 2 charms on either end. You can wear it around your neck by just flipping the charmed ends over each other at any length OR you can wrap it in your hands and hold it when you need some comfort or want to meditate or pray. It feels amazing to hold in your hands! It’s become my absolute favorite necklace to wear, I find I have it with me at all times. So, Let’s get started!


1 strand {or more} semiprecious stones or beads that you love

2 special charms that mean something to you

2 special beads {any size or shape} these will be the first and last bead on the necklace

nylon thread {in any colour you’d like} *use any thread you’d like that will fit through the hole of your beads


* For mine I used the semiprecious stone tourmaline {51 beads}, 2 facetted watermelon tourmaline stones {as the special beads} and 2 Archangel medallions as my charms. My necklace turned out to be about 25 inches long.

DIY Prayer Beads Necklace Steps

1. Measure out about 5 feet of thread. You’ll be double knotting and this takes up extra thread. With the first 5 inches of thread, slip on one of your charms and move it so it sits half way on that 5 inches. Tie a double overhand knot {or whatever kind of knot you want to use, just make it a double} and you’ll have 2 strands above the knot now, a working strand and another short one.

2. Take one of your “special” beads and thread it onto both the working strand and the short one. Tie a double overhand knot above it. You can snip off the end of the short strand now so that all you have is the working strand. Take your first bead, thread it onto the working strand and tie 2 knots {so they sit on top of each other} above the bead. The key to these knotted necklaces {my preference} is that there is a little space between the bead and the knot so that the bead has a little bit of room to move around. Just a few centimeters is all it takes to make the necklace have a nice smooth and pliable feel. If the knots are too close to each bead, the necklace will be more stiff. It’s up to you though. Play around with the knotting until you get the right feel you want!

3. When you’ve strung and knotted all your beads, take your second “special” bead and string it on but don’t tie the knots yet. String on your other charm and place it so that it is about half an inch away from the bead above. Tie a double knot that sits right above the charm.

4. Now take the thread and feed it back up through the “special” bead above the charm. Tie a double knot. Cut the thread. * optional {You could reinforce the last knot with a small drop of beading glue, if you have some, or another type of glue so that it doesn’t come undone}

You’re done!

If you try this tutorial I would love to see what you’ve made! Share & Post pictures of your creations with me on Facebook or Twitter!



  • Lori Buick says:

    This is so beautiful. I am going to make this. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I am truly blessed.

    • Jade says:

      thank you so much lori! I’m so glad you like it! I would love to see a picture of the one you create. enjoy!

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