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I Heart Wrap Bracelets

September 21, 2012


Who doesn’t love a wrap bracelet these days! I, like many others, fell in love with the Chan Luu wrap bracelets when I saw them at a store one day while shopping. Visit her website, her collection is beautiful and super inspiring! I knew that I had to figure out how to make them myself. If I had the money to buy them I would because her bracelets are amazing. I found that Club Monaco sells great wrap bracelets (Bonnie Bracelets) at a much more affordable price, so I bought my favorite one and taught myself how to recreate it. After I figured out how it was made was about the time that I found out about Pinterest! OMG I had no idea! I was amazed to see a ton of DIY tutorials for making these wrap bracelets! Love It!

I’ve had lots of requests from people for a DIY of the first wrap bracelet I made. I hope you enjoy! This is the way that works best for me but there are many different ways out there to make them. The fantastic thing about these is that once you learn how to make one you can make a wrap bracelet with any kind of beads and stringing material you want and make it as long, or short, as you want to wrap it!         I wrap bracelets!

If you heart wrap bracelets too or if you make your own I would seeing your creations! Visit me on Twitter or Facebook and post your photos!!!


To make one 32 inch Wrap Bracelet

1. Things you’ll need: beads (I used 232 small 4mm beads), 6 feet of cotton cord (you could use leather cord as well but the cotton is easier to work with), 1 button, stringing thread (I personally use this amazing stuff called Fire Line bc it’s sturdy and strong, doesn’t get tangled and it’ll fit through any size bead. I found this at a local beading store.), a beading needle (bc the eye of the needle collapses through the bead hole when you string it on and I got it from my favorite craft store Michaels), scissors, tape, bobby pin

2. Measure 6 feet of the cotton cord, fold it in half so it’s 3 feet, loop the button on at the half way point, put the bobby pin on the cord at the top by the button, place your project on a flat surface, tape down the bobby pin with 3 pieces of tape (2 vertical at each end of the bobby pin and 1 horizontal under the bobby pin.)

3. Measure out some beading thread. I usually start with about 4 feet. It’s inevitable that with a wrap bracelet this long you’ll have to restring new beading thread, so 4 feet is usually a good length to start with. With one end of the beading thread, tie a knot onto the left side of the beading cord. Get it as close to the button as you can and leave about a 3-4 inch tail. After you tie the knot on the left side you can wrap the little tail of beading thread around the button so that it stays out of your way while you’re beading.

4. With the other end of the beading thread, you will thread it through the eye of the beading needle and tie a knot so it doesn’t come off. Now we’re ready to start!


5. Take one of your beads and thread it onto the beading needle, we’ll be working left to right. Take the needle behind the beading cord and push the bead all the way on and up the thread so that it sits by the cord.

6. Move the bead so that it’s sitting in-between and behind the 2 cord strands. The thread will be on the right side.

7. Now we’ll work right to left with the same bead. Take the needle and thread it through the hole of the bead so that the thread is over top of the cord on the right.

8. Pull the beading cord all the way through the bead.

9. Take the needle behind cord, moving left to right, put another bead on the needle and push the bead in-between the 2 cord strands. Pull the thread all the way through.

10. Working with the same bead, go over top of the right side cord and through the bead to the other side, moving right to left. Pull the thread all the way through.

This is what you do with each bead for as long as the beading thread will take you. Inevitably, you’ll have to restring more thread on. So let’s move on!


11. We’re going to thread the needle back through the last bead you worked with.

12. Take the needle behind the left side cord and put it through the hole of the bead, moving left to right. Pull the beading thread all the way through.

13. Take the needle in front of the right side cord and put it through the hole of the bead, moving right to left. Pull the beading thread all the way through.

14. Take the needle behind the left side cord and put it through the hole of the bead above the one you just did, moving left to right. Pull the beading thread all the way through.

15. Take the needle in front of the right side cord and put it through the hole of the same bead, moving right to left. Pull the beading thread all the way through. Repeat these steps with the next bead above.

16. Take the needle behind the left side cord and put it through the space between the beads and the cord on the left side.

17. Then put the needle through the loop you just created and pull the beading thread all the way through to make a knot around the cord on the left side.

18. Do this a few more times to make a few knots. Then cut off the excess thread. If you have beading glue or crazy glue you can dab a bit onto the knot to make it stick to the cord.

19. Cut off a new length of beading thread (Fire Line) about 4 feet long again. Tie a knot around the left side cord just below the last bead you strung. Tie a few extra knots around the cord and start threading the beads on one by one, repeating steps 5-10.

You may need to restring one more time but now you know what to do!

Make sure to leave about 1 inch for the button closure at the end.


20. When you’ve strung on all the beads, finish by doing the same steps we did to restring more thread on. Once you’ve done the knotting and cut off the excess thread, take the ends of the cord and tie a knot with both strands. Make sure it doesn’t squish the last bead too much.

21. Then tie another knot creating a section for your button to fit through, like in picture 21.

22. Repeat the last step to create another section for the button. You don’t have to do this if you know that it will fit you. But if you’re going to give the bracelet to someone else or may one day want to wear it not as tight then this is a perfect option. Cut off the excess cord.

23. Take the end of the bracelet, that has the button on it, off the surface you were working on. We left a bit of a tail of thread there that we’re going to deal with now. Thread the tail onto the beading needle.

24. Take the needle in front of the cord on the left side and put it through the hole of the first bead, moving left to right. Pull the thread all the way through.

25. Take the needle behind the right side cord and put it through the hole of the first bead, moving right to left. If you’re using Fire Line then I would repeat the steps through the same bead so that you’ve threaded through it 3 times total (1 at the beginning and 2 times at the end) for extra security. Fire Line is so thin that it will go through 1 bead at least 3 times. If you are not using Fire Line then you can always move to the second bead.

* On a side note the reason I thread back through the beads so many times is from experience of only doing it once and having the beads at the beginning or end come undone. I don’t want to waste my time having to redo the bracelet so I just do it a few extra times so this doesn’t happen.

26. Tie knots by looping the thread around the cord, cut off the excess and dab a little beading glue or crazy glue so the knot sticks to the cord. You’re done!

DIY#10-eJade, xo


  • djtraceyd says:

    Awesome bracelet going to make some for Christmas! Great tutorial!

  • Farah says:

    where did you get cotton or leather cords? Can I find this at micheals??

    • Jade says:

      Yes, you can find many different kinds of leather cord at Michaels. Check out the jewelry supplies section as well as the section for making things with leather. Hope that helps!

  • Sarah says:

    what kind of thread is stringing thread. Ive been trying to make this bracelet for months!

    • Jade says:

      Hi Sarah,
      In this tutorial I used “fire line” (shown in picture 1) which is a really fine thread that’s almost like fishing line but it doesn’t get all tangled up and it’s also really strong. I got some from a local bead shop. You could use fishing line, but I’ve worked with that before and it can get quite tangled and messy. You could use embroidery floss or nylon thread as well. It all depends on the size of the hole in the beads you chose to work with for your project! Make sure that the thread you use can fit through the hole of the bead twice.
      Good luck! Hope this helps!

  • Deborah McLaughlin says:

    Great bracelet! Would it work with hemp and seed beeds?

  • Kelli says:

    This was a GREAT tutorial. (The best we’ve seen on the wrap bracelet.) My daughter made it for our blog and she’s received many compliments on it. Thanks!

    • melnychuk says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you guys liked it! I checked out your post for the bracelet and it looks awesome! Great job!

  • Judy says:

    I love your tutorial, very clear and good pictures! Do you know how to make the wrap knot that are used to tie two cords together reducing them to one that Chan Luu uses on some of her bracelets? Any info would be great!

    • Jade says:

      Thank you Judy! So glad you like the tutorial! I’m not sure I can picture this knot you are talking about. Could you let me know the specific Chan Luu bracelet that has this knot and I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out and let you know details on how to do it! That would be great!

  • Judy says:

    Here is a web site with a particular bracelet on it which illustrates what I want to learn.

    • Jade says:

      Thanks Judy! My next tutorial is actually going to be a bracelet very much like that one! More knots and a bit different but Chan Luu inspired! I’ll make sure to do detailed instructions for it! Check back in the next few weeks for the tutorial!

  • Monica says:

    This is great! What kind of beads did you use and where can I find them?

    • Jade says:

      Hi Monica, thank you! I used really really small { 2-3mm } faceted roundel { doughnut shape } beads from Michaels Craft Store. Hope this helps! Jade

  • Shelley says:

    I love to do things by myself also

    Going to try this bracelet Did u use 1 or 2mm cording?????

  • Shelley says:

    DONE love it! But leather breaks!!! Cord is probably more durable!

  • anni says:

    Where did you get the button? I’ve been having trouble finding the correct size buttons

    • Jade says:

      I got the button from a place in Vancouver called Dresssew. I actually can’t get the exact button anymore because they no longer sell it. Any button will do, just find one that you like!

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