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I wanted to do a friendship bracelet tutorial but I wanted to do something a bit different. I love wrap bracelets so I combined the two! I used to make friendship bracelets when I was a kid but I haven’t done it in years. So here’s a blast from the past! Something simple and easy to make to give your best friend to show them how much they mean to you. Or make one for yourself!


1. Things you’ll need: Cotton Twine, 4 colors of embroidery floss or any kind of thread or yarn, 1 Button, 1 Bobby Pin/Safety Pin, Tape, Scissors.

2. Measure a length of cotton twine that wraps around your wrist 3 times, loosely, plus about 4-5 inches on either side.

3. Use the twine as a measuring guide for the thread. Measure each color of thread so that it’s 3 times the length of twine. I always give a bit extra at the end just incase, don’t want to risk running out!

4. Match up one end of each color of thread plus the twine. Tie a knot at the top leaving a 4-5 inch tail.

5. Put the tail end of thread and twine onto a bobby pin, just above the knot. Tape it down firmly on a flat surface. Some people like to put a pin thru the knot and pin it to either a pillow or their pant leg so it’s easier to work with, whatever will work best for you.


6. Separate all the lengths of thread because with them being so long they have a tendency to get tangled up. We will start with the tangerine thread so bring it over to the left hand side on its own.

7. Gather the other colors and twine together in the center. Take the tangerine thread and bring it over the others leaving a little loop off to the left.

8. Bring the tangerine thread under the others and up thru the loop.

9. Guide the tangerine thread up towards the top knot.

10. Tighten the knot. The knot we just did is called a “half hitch” knot. A half hitch knot is half of a forward knot used in most friendship bracelets (in other words a forward knot = 2 half hitch knots). But basically, this bracelet consists of a whole bunch of half hitch knots.

11. Bring the tangerine thread back over and around the others leaving a little loop off to the left. Bring the thread up thru the loop.

12. Guide the tangerine thread up towards the first knot you made and repeat, repeat, repeat.

13. Continue knotting the tangerine color so that the section is about 1-1.5 inches. The knots so far will start to make a spiral around the entire group of string. This is what we want. This effect with the knots making a spiral shape has been called a Chinese Staircase .


 14. To start the peach section put the tangerine strand back into the group and separate the peach one off to the left side on its own.

15. Bring the peach strand over the others, leaving the loop on the left, then bring it under and up thru the loop.

16. Guide the peach strand up towards the other knots and tighten next to the tangerine knot. Continue knotting the tangerine section for about 1-1.5 inches.

17. Separate the purple thread from the others and repeat the same knot, over (leaving a loop on the left), under the others and up thru the loop. Guide the knot to the top of the last peach one and repeat knots until the purple section is about the same length as the others.

18. Separate the white thread from the others and repeat the same knots so that the white section is about the same length as the other 3 sections.

19. Then start back with the tangerine thread, same knots. Over and over again!

20. I made the second tangerine section much longer to throw off the color blocks so that it wouldn’t be the exact same colors in the same place when it wraps on my wrist. Make the sections however long you want to!

21. When I got to the second white section I made it a bit longer as well. Stop knotting when the length of the bracelet will wrap around your wrist 3 times.


22. To finish up tie a knot with all thread and twine at the end of the last tangerine section.

23. Set the twine off to one side and the thread to the other. Take the button, put the thread thru the button holes, leaving about half an inch to tie knots.

24. Double or triple knot the thread together.

25. Take the twine and thread and tie a knot.

26. Flip it over and tie a knot on the other side with the thread and twine. Flip it over again and do another knot, flip it over again to do one last knot.

27. Cut off the ends of the twine and thread.

28. On the other end, separate the twine and thread. Braid the 3 strands of thread together and tie a knot on the end. Tie a knot at the end of the twine. You can fasten the bracelet using these little tails to tie a knot around the button. You’re done!


 Jade, xo


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