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Fabulous Friday Tutorial

July 20, 2012

DIYtutorial1-1 I was wondering around downtown one afternoon and I ended up in a Club Monaco store. The colors and textures inside brought me to life! As I floated around, in a daze of inspiration, I noticed this great looking bracelet! I immediately started to look at the way it was made and thought about how I could make one for myself. I’m trying to save money so buying it wasn’t an option. But making it with some of the supplies I already had at home seemed to be the solution I was looking for! And so was born the inspiration for this first tutorial! I have Club Monaco to thank! Here’s a link to the “Wanda Woven Bracelet”.

So let’s get started!


1. Supplies:  Nylon thread-2 colors (or any other kind of thread), Twine (I used cotton butchers twine), Tape, Scissors, 1 Bobby Pin & 1 Button.

2. Cut 2 strands of twine the same length. For 1 bracelet I cut enough twine to wrap around my wrist 2 times, plus some extra for good measure.

3. Take the 2 strands of twine together, fold them in half and tie a knot to make a loop at the end. You will have 4 equal length strands hanging down from the knot now.

4. Take your bobby pin and put the twine loop so it’s half way on the bobby pin. Place the bobby pin and twine on a flat surface. I just used the counter top.

5. Take 2 pieces of tape and lengthwise place one piece on either end of the bobby pin on the counter top so that it’s secured to the counter. I also put a 3rd longer piece of tape and placed it across the bottom ends of tape running parallel to the bobby pin, for extra stability.(I forgot the 3rd piece in the picture)

6. To measure the length of thread I needed for this bracelet, I stretched my arms out to my sides with the thread in my hands and added a foot extra of the grey, because there’s more grey in this bracelet.


7. Take one end of each color of thread. Place them on the strands of twine leaving 1 inch of thread pointing down the length of twine from the knot. This will secure the thread in place as we wrap them into the bracelet.

8. While holding the twine and 1 inch of thread in your left hand, take the long thread of both colors and bring them underneath all 4 strands of twine to the left side, up and over, just below the top knot.

9. Wrap the thread around 2-3 more times so the colors alternate,  end with the two long strands of thread on your right side.

10. Section the 4 strands of twine into half, 2 on the left and 2 on the right. Bring the white long strand underneath the right 2 twine strands and hold them with your left hand along with the left 2 strands of twine. The grey long strand should still be on the top on its own.

11. While holding the left side (white thread and twine), take the grey long strand and wrap it around the right side (including the 2 one inch strands), up thru the middle. You can tighten and straighten it.

12 &13. Now take that same long strand of grey from the middle and bring it up, over and under the left side twine (and thread) back up the middle. The motion is up-over-under-up to the middle. Straighten and tighten.

14. From the middle, bring the grey thread up-over-under the right side to the middle again. It should look like this, almost like an X. You’ll be wrapping around each half of twine like this until the end of the bracelet.

15. Continue this wrapping process for about 1.5 inches before we start to color block it with the white.

16. End the grey color block after wrapping the left side, grey strand should be on the right side from the middle. Bring the white strand up from the middle above the grey strand. Keep the grey strand over to the right side.


17. Wrap the white strand around the right side and up thru the middle, making sure you also include the grey strand.

18. Then wrap the white strand up-over-under the left side, up to the middle. Continue wrapping making sure you wrap over the grey strand as well.

19. Continue for about 1/2 an inch. Finish the white color block after the right side is done, let the white strand sit from the middle off to the left side.

20. It’s time to do alternating colors for the middle part of the bracelet! Take the grey strand from the right side, under the white strand and under the left side, bring it up and over to the middle making sure it goes over top of the white strand.

21. Now go under-up-over the right side with the grey strand. Bring it over to the left side, over top of the white strand. Now do this with the white strand.

22. Take the white strand from the middle, bring it under-up-over the left side to the middle, going over top of the grey strand on the left side. Then under-up-over the right strand and take it over to the left. Repeat with the grey strand.

23. Continue alternating colors for about 1.25-1.5 inches. We will finish the alternating color block on white to start the other white block.

24. Start the white color block, making it about the same length as the one we did before (about 1/2 an inch).

25. Finish the white color block after doing the right side and bring the white strand over to the left side.

26. Start the grey color block on the left side going under-up-over the left side to the middle, over top of the white strand. Continue this until this grey block is the same length as the grey block we did before (1.5 inches) OR you can measure your wrist at this point with what you’ve made so far and make it a bit longer if you need to. You’ll need to leave 1/2 inch at the bottom for the button attachment.


27. We need to knot off the last color block. Wrap the grey strand around both the left and right side, front and back, and tie a knot to keep it together, letting the remainder of the thread hang in the middle after.

28. Time to add the button. Take that grey strand and the button, loop the thread thru the button holes leaving a 1/2 inch of thread between the button and the knot in the grey thread.

29. Tie a double knot on the underside of the button and cut away the excess grey thread.

30. Take the white thread and wrap it around the twine below the button overlapping the grey thread. Wrap up to the knot on the grey thread by the button. You can wrap it many times so that it’s nice and secure.

31. Tie a knot in the white thread and then make another knot. Don’t cut the white thread excess just yet.

32. Now take the white thread and 2 of the 4 strands of twine and tie a knot on the underside of the button. Make sure it’s really tight.

33. Take the other 2 strands of twine you didn’t already use and tie another knot on the underside of the button. Make sure that the button is sticking out in the middle between the twine knots.

34. Tie a couple more knots all around the underside of the button with the twine. Make sure it’s tight. Now cut off the excess strands of thread and twine at the knots, underneath the button. I also decided to cut off 1 of the 2 loops on the other side of the bracelet so that there was only 1 loop for the button to wrap around.

35. You’re done! Congratulations! Make more and experiment with colors and the blocking style! To see the original Club Monaco bracelet that I got the inspiration from click here!



  • KT says:

    This is a lovely bracelet! I am definitely going to make these for Christmas presents 🙂 Also, I love how you juxtaposed it with the wrap bracelet; great stacking idea! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  • Such beautiful bracelets! Great work! Is the nylon thread you are using waxed? or unwaxed? Do you find this at Michael’s as well? Thanks!

    • Jade says:

      Thank you! For this tutorial I used some unwaxed nylon thread I had gotten online. If I were to make this again I would just use embroidery floss/thread and Michaels has a big selection of colors to choose from!

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